Nevada Vintage Race Car Museum

There are many museums to be found all throughout United States. Each museum boasts of their displays especially if those items are eye-catchy. One of the museums that boasts of a collection of various race cars is the Nevada Vintage Race Car Museum. There are IRL cars or known as the Indy Racing League displayed in the museum and also the Aurora V8 engines used for those cars. Other displays include model aircraft and a display case where you can see the things used by Ed Rachanski Sr.

He was one of those who donated some items for display like actual gears and survival equipment. Since the museum is just right next to Las Vegas, anyone can do a side trip and take some photos of each of the displays. Though not many are familiar with this museum located at Henderson, Nevada, those who went here said that it is a cool museum and worth a visit. For the former vintage car racers, they are the ones who usually visit the museum.

Probably you have already heard about the world famous Las Vegas Strip. The place where the museum is located is just near from the said strip. Those who have the experience in vintage car racing are proud of the fact that they became a part of it. Everyone knows very well that car racing is one of the most dangerous sports in the world. But for the fans of the famous car racers, they always had the feeling of excitement while watching the car racers.