World Famous Car Racers

Although car racing is known to be the most dangerous sports in the world, there are still those who want to prove to the world that they can do it. Even if it is too risky, the only thing that comes into the mind of every car racer is to win and become one of the most famous car racer in the world and to be remembered as a part of the history of car racing event. Not many were able to survive during the event.

But here are some of the lucky car racing survivors. Every car racer who wins and survives until the end of the race will surely gain success and fame. The car racers have their own racing skills that amazed the audience. The first on this list is Juan Manuel Fangio. He was nicknamed “El maestro” for his amazing racing skills. Michael Schumacher’s name is always included in the list of the world famous car racers. There is no doubt, he is a great racer.

Mario Andretti is known to be one of the best car racers in the world. He won in many competitions and became the champion including Formula Championship. And to surprise you, Shirley Muldowney is also included here. Well, she is actually the first female to excel in the male world of drag racing. Never underestimate her because she is one of the best car racers in the world. Mike Hailwood, Don Garlits, Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost, Jim Clark, and Jackie Stewart are all included in this list.