The Legendary Races

Motor racing is very popular today. But back then, it was not known as motor racing. Nowadays, there are many cars that look very sophisticated and luxurious. In the old days, the cars are the opposite of today. If we are to describe those cars known as vintage cars, they are actually huge gas guzzlers and low in power. Nowadays, you can rely on modern cars. Back then, in order to gain fame and glory, the car racers did everything and were willing to push their machines.

Even if their cars lacked windscreen, they didn’t care about it. At that time, there was no proper cockpit. Nowadays, there are strict rules and regulations which every car racer need to follow unlike before. Now, let’s see the legendary races in history which became the milestones of the car racing evolution. In 1900, there is The Gordon Bennett Races wherein France gained success. At that time, there was the Automobile Club de France that received a trophy from the eccentric James Gordon Bennett Jr.

The Vanderbilt Cup of 1904 also became one of the legendary races. It was founded by William Kissam Vanderbilt Jr. in the same year. This racing event was an international one and many car racers from all over the world participated in it. Next is the Targa Florio, one of the oldest endurance road racing events. This legendary race was founded in 1906. By the next year, The Peking-Paris Race was founded. Other legendary races include The New York-Paris Race of 1908 and Indianapolis 500 from 1911 to present.