7 Surprising Facts to Know about Car Racing

Car racing is a very popular sports event in the world. Not many participate in it because it is actually one of the most dangerous sports on earth. There are mind-blowing facts about car racing that you should know. Everyone knows that a racing car is very fast. Know that a Formula 1 car’s exhaust gets hot enough to melt aluminum. This fact is truly mind-blowing, isn’t it? Another fact is that the average Formula 1 pit stop is less than three seconds, then the car runs again.

With the help of two dozen guys, the car is to be jacked up and all the four tires are changed. Know that the top Formula 1 teams spend around 500 million dollars each year! That’s truly mind-blowing! Many of the race cars can drive upside down. If a race car reaches a certain speed, it can drive upside down which is truly amazing. Do you know how many car racers are lucky enough to survive until the end of the competition? Only very few are survivors. Maintain your clearer eyesight in here. You read page 典範診所 to know this clinic. They have the best and proper medication to be done for you.

It is not easy to control the speed of a racing car. With approximately 80,000 components that come together, an F1 car is made. It is a very delicate work to make just one F1 racing car. Those who are expert in this should carefully put all of those components without any lacking. Also, know that an F1 car can accelerate from 0 to 100 mph and decelerate back to 0 in just four seconds! That’s truly amazing and mind-blowing! No other car can do that.